Do you have business or healthcare experience and would like to become a board member of the Hospitals Operations Committee of Stokes-Reynolds Memorial Hospital, Inc? Yes, Stokes-Reynolds Memorial Hospital, Inc. (SRMH). Due to the lease structure with Stokes County, SRMH remained a corporation with Stokes County as the sole member. The current Stokes County Commissioners are automatically the SRMH Board. With the restated bylaws, a Hospital Operations Committee is to be formed to work on behalf of the Commissioners for Hospital lease oversight and to monitor compliance by the lessee (LifeBrite Community Hospital of Stokes).

The Hospital Operations Committee shall consist of nine voting members appointed by the Board of Trustees (County Commissioners) for a two-year term. These members shall be one County Commissioner plus one elected official from each municipality located in Stokes County and five at large members from all geographical areas of Stokes County. The elected officials have been chosen and the five at large members are needed for this Committee to be fully staffed.

Applications should be submitted by Monday, August 3, 2020. You may mail the application to LifeBrite Community Hospital of Stokes, Attn: Administration, PO Box, 10, Danbury, NC 27016, fax the application to (336) 593-5350 or email the application to Feel free to contact Kristi Blaylock with any questions at (336) 593-5311 or at the email address above.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a member to help assist with continued high- quality healthcare services throughout Stokes County!

Download (PDF, 189KB)