Family Medicine

LifeBrite provides comprehensive family medical services, including: wellness exams, physical exams, diagnostic testing, immunizations, and counseling. Our medical staff is highly skilled and trained to care for patients from infancy through adulthood. We have two family medical centers located respectively in Danbury and Pine Hall, North Carolina.

About LifeBrite

LifeBrite is a trusted name in the health care community. We operate the LifeBrite Community Hospital of Stokes in North Carolina, along with the LifeBrite Community Hospital of Early and LifeBrite Laboratories. If you are seeking a family physician, contact us!

LifeBrite Family Medical of Danbury

Phone: (336) 593-8281
Fax: (336) 593-5282

LifeBrite Family Medical of Pine Hall

Phone: (336) 427-3076
Fax: 336-427-3256

A child receiving medical care from a physician.