How to Have a Conversation on Health with the Men in Your Life

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Two men having a conversation

Best Friends.

There are many roles men play in our lives. Chances are you have at least one of them in yours. But talking about health issues with him (no matter who you are) may present a challenge.

According to a 2019 study by the Cleveland Clinic, you aren’t alone. As AARP’s Healthy Living reported, 50 percent of men in the Baby Boomer generation “won’t discuss health with their male friends because they ‘don’t feel it’s any of their business,’” and a quarter of them don’t talk about  private topics with anyone. Younger generations are a bit more forthcoming, but nearly half of Millennials and 56 percent of Gen Xers surveyed indicated they lacked more than one person with whom they could talk about their health.

Since positive conversation about health matters can be an important part of men’s overall well-being, during Men’s Health Month, we want to provide you with advice about how to do it well.

Arm Them With Information

Young women may be encouraged to have annual visits with a primary doctor or OBGYN starting in their puberty years, but it’s not always so with men. This could mean there are simply things men don’t know about their own health maintenance.

Empowering Intel

Keep It Positive and Encouraging

Fear, discomfort, embarrassment, and uncertainty may be part of why a man won’t visit the doctor. Keeping your conversations positive, caring, and judgment-free will help.

Remind him, as Glenn Good (an expert on masculinity and the psychology of men at the University of Florida) told Huffpost in 2016, that “A truly strong, healthy person embraces routine health care, health consultation and daily healthy habits to truly protect his body, not just his own self-image.”

Help him remember too that good friends (and relatives, and partners) only want to support him in what’s best for his longevity — whether he’s struggling physically or mentally.

Show Him He’s Not Alone

Healthiness loves company, so become his partner in total wellness. Appointment-making, transport, and follow-ups can be a part of everyone’s household upkeep — including his.

And whether you’re a concerned woman or man in his life, you can lead by your own example, or set up a friendly competition around health goals for the year.

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